The 24 International Duke Ellington Study Group Conference DECFA Jazz Conference May 2016

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Welcome to DECFA

Discover The Legacy Of One Of The World’s Greatest Composers

Welcome to The Duke Ellington Center For The Arts
The Duke Ellington Center For The Arts is a non-profit organization focused on scholarship, education and performance connected to the legacy of Edward Kennedy “Duke” Ellington (1899-1974), who is considered one of America’s greatest composers.

The Duke Ellington Center For The Arts DECFA

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We celebrate with dance on all stages in the Jazz community to promote the legacy of Duke Ellington.


Our performance schedule is based on the various events around the world and our participants span the globe.


The culture of Jazz is the cornerstone of our organization. Through the vibrant recollection of our history.


Our experts handle your unit with the utmost protective conditions to ensure proper operation of your entire system.


Our history is filled with memories, smiles, laughs and legendary content. The Duke’s discography is the foundation.


Music is the heartbeat and pulse of the Duke Ellington Center For The Arts. Come join us.

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